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How To Become An Effective Christian Activist

How To Become An Effective Christian Activist

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If the Government told you to stop praying “in Jesus’ name,” would you stand up for liberty?

This is the true testimony of Gordon James Klingenschmitt, PhD, a former Navy Chaplain who made national headlines by standing up for the rights of military chaplains to pray publicly “in Jesus’ name.”

By sacrificing his own 16-year award-winning career, and losing a million dollar pension, by enduring an 18-day hunger strike and demanding his own misdemeanor court martial, “Dr. Chaps” helped inspire and mobilize 300,000+ American people to petition Congress, who finally vindicated his stand by changing the law and restoring freedom of speech for chaplains.

This DVD also contains two short training videos—useful for small-group discussion or Bible study at your church—teaching how you can mobilize your church to hold elected officials accountable and change laws for Christ.

Dr. Chaps has now sent 5 million petitions to Congress, helped change bad laws or policies in 13 states, and won election to State Legislature. YOU CAN TOO.

How to Become an Effective Christian Activist, Part #1

Tools for changing the culture for Jesus learned by firsthand whistle-blower.

How to Become an Effective Christian Activist, Part #1

Prayer + Action Change Laws; 13 examples of how YOU can change law.

“Dr. Chaps” Shares His Intense Story “LIVE” in OKC

Amazing testimony of Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt, PhD, the former Navy Chaplain who endured court-martial for praying “in Jesus’ name” in uniform, but was later vindicated by Congress.


Dr. Alan Keyes Interview on the 2nd Amendment

A timely discussion of the God-given right to Self-defense.

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